Two Onion Farm

175532_10152213970670045_2984519_o.jpgTWO ONION FARM

19638 Cottage Inn Rd, Belmont, WI 53510

Since 2003 Farmers Chris and Juli McGuire, along with their three young children and several local employees, have been growing vegetables on 12 acres in Belmont, WI. Most produce grown at Two Onion Farm is sold through their CSA*, with members in Platteville, Madison, and Dubuque. Some is also available at local retailers including Dubuque Food Co Op & Driftless Market.


  • Discover C.S.A. – Community Supported Agriculture and learn how Chris & Juli use succession planting to to ensure their 150 CSA subscribers receive a full box of produce each week.
  • Organic Apple Tasting & Orchard Tour Sample different varieties, and learn about organic approaches to managing pests and disease in apple orchards.
  • Visit with Driftless Market – Platteville’s hub for fair-trade, organic, and locally grown foods – Driftless Market carries a variety of healthy prepared foods as well as groceries from farms in the Driftless area.
  • FOR KIDS: Egghead Plant Starters- Learn Two Onion’s recipe for healthy soils, decorate, and plant your own egghead!

Check out the Two Onion Farm’s website and Facebook.